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Selling Other People’s Items

Since 2004, Ben Weissenstein (founder of Grand Slam Garage Sales or GSGS) has been refining his business model for start-to-finish garage sales.

After evolving consistently to find the best way to successfully sell items for people and businesses, Ben realized that they needed to start moving more online.

Now, drawing from his own experience building and running this unique concept, Ben is delivering the tools you need to start your own business and realize success by selling items for people.

With this tried and true concept, you can spend as much or as little time as you want on your business—you can even manage it with another full-time job. It’s totally up to you. All of our tools are now available to you, packaged so that you can choose what’s right for your business and budget.

There are two kits – one teaching you how to make money by running traditional garage sales for people and the other kit is to teach you how to make money by selling items online for people and/or businesses.

It’s Your Time and Money, So You Decide

The great thing about owning your own business is that you get to make all the decisions. So, you’ll have a business that works for you. And, this is a business anyone can do. Whether you’re a teacher, high school student, college student, stay-at-home mom, successful business person or a retiree looking for something newyou can supplement or substantiate your income with our proven technique.

Here’s how flexible it is:

You decide how much time you want to work

Only have 6 hours a week? You can do it. Want to put in 25? You can do that too. It’s totally up to you.

You decide how much to invest

If you want to start out small and grow gradually, you can. But, if you’re industrious and want to do multiple deals in one week from the get-go, then invest a little more up front.

You decide how big you want your business to be

Just want a little extra cash for some weekend fun or some money to pay for your rent or car payment? You can manage that. And, if you’re looking for a thriving business and growing income, set your goals high and then go for it. We can help you get there with a variety of products/services we offer including helping you get customers with

You decide how involved you want to be

If you want to run your business solo, that’s definitely an option. But, if you don’t have time and still want extra money, you can hire others to run your business for you.

Remember, making money is work. We’re not going to kid you into believing that you can sit back and watch the money roll in without lifting a finger. That’s not how it works. And we’re not sitting here

saying this can make you millions of dollars. But, with our proven strategy even without tons of work, you should be able to bring in some extra cash. Just think about it — one or two deals a week should net you anywhere from $200 – $700 per week – that’s an extra $800 – $2,800 a month! Not too bad for a relatively small amount of work especially considering there is lots of potential and the business is a fun business to run.

Of course, we can’t make any income guarantees as so much is up to you. See Earnings Disclaimer for more info.

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