Do you love garage sales? Do you spend your weekend sifting through clothes, books and toys at different neighborhood houses? And most importantly, would you like to run garage sales for a living? If you answered yes to these three questions, it may just be time for you to slowly start building your own garage sale business.



Running a successful garage sale business is about passion, just like running any other successful business. And that doesn’t just mean being passionate about antiques and things. You have to be passionate about interpersonal relationships, too. Nothing attracts clients to any company like knowing its owner to be a reliable, friendly person. Also, nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising—who are you going to trust more, a paid celebrity on TV or your friends?

Another thing you have to think about is research. You have to know how much all sorts of things are worth in order to be able to sell them for prices that will allow both you and your clients to make some money. You don’t want to be the next person who sells a Song Dynasty bowl for a couple bucks, do you? Similarly, you don’t want to charge too much for the things you’ve been charged with selling, lest the potential buyers go elsewhere.

Lastly, be prepared to hire more people. Especially if you decide to run your garage sale business as a side job at first, you may soon realize that there is way more work to be done than you can handle. Who will feel like going through the hassle of organizing their own garage once they find out you can get it done hassle-free? Falling behind is never good for business so make sure you’ll be able to recruit enough new workers fast enough to keep up.

For more detailed information check out our Business Kits that will make sure you get off to a good start!

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