There have probably been plenty of times you’ve fantasized about being your own boss. You could come to work when you’re ready, give orders instead of taking them, and not have to worry about losing your job if the company had to make some cuts. But being your own boss offers as many challenges as it does benefits, and there are a few things you should remember if you decide to open your own business.



Things can get tiring

When you work for someone else, all you’re doing is a set of tasks—the ultimate success or failure of the company likely doesn’t affect you all that much. You can always find a new job, right? When you’re your own boss, suddenly you care deeply about exactly what happens, and that can lead to hours upon hours of your “free” time being spent on work or at least contemplating what work needs to be done next. This can really get tiring in the long term, so it’s important you figure out how to manage your work-life balance.

Founder dependance can be dangerous

Founder dependence means that all of the most important things that happen in a company are dependent on its founder. If that founder is you, you have to think ahead about what would happen if you couldn’t work tomorrow for some reason. Would the company fall apart? Would everything turn to chaos? Taking steps to make sure your company can function without you having to give it 100% of your attention 100% of the time is one of the best ways to avoid a potential disaster.

It’s important to be ready

True, there are plenty of skills you can learn “on the job”, but if you’re not psychologically ready to run your own business, you’re just not ready. Being “ready” does not mean that you’re sick and tired of your old job and just want to do something else, it means that you’re ready to take total responsibility for your own fate and the fate of those working for you. So before you slap your resignation down on your boss’ desk, think about what you really want.

If after reading all thins you still feel like you’re ready to run your own business, contact us! We have years of experience in the garage sale industry and would be happy to help!

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